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B2B sales

B2B sales of the future - a new sales strategy is needed

Behind every successful company there is an efficient and organized sales force that maintains personal contact with its customers. We are in a state of flux, where no one can predict what the market situation will look like after the crisis. Already 76% of sales emails are never opened. The new sales concepts, some of which are still unexplored for many, are pushing forward more and more. Did you know that 64% of sellers who use social media hit your quotas? For those who don't, the number drops to 49 percent!
So if you hope that everything will be back to normal after the crisis, you will be bitterly disappointed. Let's take a look inside the crystal ball and see what sales will look like in the future.

What is B2B sales and what makes it different from B2C?

While B2B sales describes the entire sales process of a product or service between at least two companies, B2C sales stands for the relationship between companies and private individuals. The tasks of B2B sales include the identification and segmentation of the target group, the addressing and acquisition of business customers and the conclusion through the sale.

Will the sales profession still exist as we know it in the years to come? What long-term impact will digitization have on sales?

In the 1980s, e-mail was introduced as a means of communication, and the first Internet e-mail was received in Germany on August 3, 1984 at 10:14 am CET. -Do you remember the days when emails were introduced as a communication tool in your company?
Today all business processes have to be recorded and designed electronically. We don't have the time we took back then to introduce such changes. The entire sales department has to be redesigned and digitized overnight, the supply chain - from the suppliers to the products - has to be remapped. No company can be negligent when it comes to digitization in the future. Action in any relationship is the order of the day! - The big question is no longer when, but where do we start!

B2B sales 4.0 - digitization of sales is inevitable

Business relationships between two companies are primarily in the area of ​​marketing and sales. The hotly contested competitive situation in the markets means that only those companies sell successfully that build a continuous flow of innovation. This requires your own creativity, with innovation in sales becoming increasingly important. The interlinking of the areas is essential for the success of a company.
Visits to customers, business trips and trade fairs, which were recently indispensable, have now dropped to almost zero. We chat via video chats, write emails, make phone calls and work mostly from home. What sounded like a crazy future just a year ago has become a reality today. Nobody doubts that the current situation is bad, but are the professional changes that have come our way really that bad?
With your own PC, e-mails, smartphone, internet and search engines, the work of traditional sales has been made a lot easier.

B2B sales: business marketplace & search engine

At first glance, exhausting existing customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers - a company cannot survive in the long term without acquiring new customers.
A business search engine and a B2B marketplace like Danagi specializes in exchanging business information and contributes to your success.
Today's buyers research, compare quotes, and get the information they need online. You want to get to the information more easily, order more easily without losing valuable time. 60% of all buyers are only ready to speak to you after they have researched your product or offer. Are your products and details easy to find in search engines?
It is foreseeable that in the future, not only customer visits - be it for the sake of the environment or for convenience - but also rounds of price increases will become less frequent.
The winner will be the one in the market who has developed the better concept, the better sales format, namely formats that prefer or focus on the customer. This is exactly where you get support from Danagi. Without having to make any investments, you can present all your products to your customers and make it easier for them to choose.

B2B sales of the future - conclusion

The world has seen colossal changes in the past few years, but it is only in the past few months that most companies have felt like lightning. Soon every sales employee can and will be able to work from anywhere in the world. Spends more time with friends and family. Gets sick less often. Because work can also be done from the beach - where one is demonstrably much more creative and relaxed - and the ability to be creative and abstract is needed more than ever in what is to come.

Is your sales team ready for the future? Where do you see your company in the coming years?

A contribution by Agnieszka Fudala
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