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Advertising with Danagi - Find the right advertising solution for your company!

Danagi advertising was developed to enable companies of all sizes to get started on the platform and to further develop it. With a banner on Danagi you can reach your potential customers faster and more precisely and build your business and your brand sustainably. Join the Danagi community now and benefit from your new global community!

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Advancing your company on Danagi

Danagi is a B2B marketplace where you can address your relevant target group and at the same time inspire them with your products.

Cost control: You never pay more than what you have booked! Book a banner space with us in calendar weeks at fixed prices. With a set budget, you never exceed the set budget.

Reasons that will inspire you:

Global reach

With Danagi you can reach your customers worldwide. Due to the natural placement, the advertising banners are not recognized and blocked by ad blockers.

Increased visibility

Increase your visibility and ultimately increase the traffic to your products.

Target group

At Danagi, companies come together to sell, discover new products, to be inspired and to replenish stocks. Our advertising options ensure that the advertising material is only displayed to users who are interested in the content.

Achieve your company goals

The advertising banner

banner advertising b2b marketplace

Your banner should not be larger than 150 kb and must suit you and your products. This means that it has to represent what you want to stand for in its overall impression. Image formats .PNG and .JPEG are permitted.

When creating a banner, you should also consider the following:

  • Logo. In order to increase your brand awareness, you should discreetly incorporate your logo on the banner. Good logos can be recognized in fractions of a second, which in turn increases the trust of your potential customers.
  • User promise. A strong user promise emphasizes the merits of your product. Your banner ad must convey exactly to your customers in a split second what awaits them after the click. If the information is relevant to the viewer, it creates interest, which in turn increases your sales opportunities. A good user promise would be, for example, to highlight a good price or a special offer, which can be easily displayed via a price display (“Already from 10 € / piece!”) Or a percentage discount (“Now 20% cheaper!”).
  • Call for action. The interactivity of your Werbebanners must be clearly visible, so place the call-to-action slogan in the visible area. Simple and easy-to-read texts let the viewer know what a click on your ad is doing. Only then can the customer assume that the click has added value for them.

How does it work?

  1. Design your banner with the dimensions 2048x680px, which should refer to your products or your seller shop on Danagi.
  2. Select the appropriate place (start page top, start page middle or category page),
  3. determine the duration in which your banner should be displayed and
  4. Then book the calendar weeks¹ you want, stating the details, at

Who is allowed to place a banner advertisement?

All Danagi customers who have already uploaded products are entitled to place a banner.

Where will the banner advertising appear?

On Danagi you can determine whether the banner should be displayed on the start page or on the category level.

What is the pricing?

At Danagi you never pay more than what you have booked. Our banners are offered in full calendar weeks at a fixed price and have a minimum duration of 1 week. Price is calculated by Bannerart and looks like this:


Banner Top Banner Middle
Slider 100.00 € 80.00 €
Unique 250.00 € 100.00 €

Category page

Banner Top Banner Middle
Slider 50.00 € 30.00 €
Unique 130.00 € 80.00 €

The product placement

Product advertising B2B marketplace

Product placement will be available for you soon!

Advertise on Danagi now!

Write to us without obligation on and provide the following information:

  • the desired start of the broadcast (running time starts every Monday)
  • the duration (full calendar weeks)
  • Type of advertising (banner or product advertising)
  • internal link (link to the product or your Danagi shop)
  • Your additional information

We will check your details, the availability and you will receive a suitable offer from us within 24 hours!

  1. All advertising banners and product placements go through an audit that ensures compliance with technical and content-related specifications. This check can take up to 48 hours. Advertising materials that fail an audit are not used. You will be notified of this and asked to correct it.
  2. Be quick because availability is limited!

¹ Advertising spaces must be booked in full calendar weeks and at least one week in advance. The advertisements will only be placed after receipt of payment.

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