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Danagi is on the way to becoming the # 1 wholesale platform for new goods, overhangs, remaining stock, special items and special offers worldwide. A registration as a commercial seller precedes full use, as the Danagi platform was created exclusively for business customers. The task of the marketplace is to provide companies with the best possible support, regardless of their size.

The offer of the platform sellers is aimed at buyers from companies of all sizes. These include self-employed, professional buyers in SMEs, hospitals, public administration and those responsible for purchasing in multinational corporations. While the dealers have to reckon with a sales commission, there are no additional costs for buyers at Danagi.

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Keep existing customers with Danagi

Did you know that about 93% * of B2B buyers prefer to place their orders online?
It is all the more astonishing that 57% ** of the sellers are still busy processing written orders...

Danagi is an open platform that does not require any special requirements. Here merchants can create an accountin less than 2 minutes and start increasing their B2B sales. The company is checked by the Danagi team in the background. This includes an automated check of the sales tax identification number or a manual check of the necessary forms that are required for registering a company.

As a seller, you benefit from a wide range of options at Danagi

On Danagi, retailers have special functions that are tailored to corporate customers. Danagi is currently investing heavily in various areas in order to further improve procurement for companies and companies. In addition to special marketing campaigns for new and existing customers, Danagi is continuously developing the user experience for commercial buyers. The private shopping experience serves as a starting point here. In addition, new functions and technical improvements are continuously introduced in order to be able to provide a high-performance platform and diverse support. You can already:

Customer groups

Create closed customer groups with their own prices in order to make shopping more attractive for your existing customers, for example. This is how you reward them for their trustiness and ensure better customer loyalty.

Existing customers

You can easily bring your existing customers and suppliers with you to Danagi. With the help of an invitation link, they will receive a personal recommendation. If they follow the link provided by you, they can easily register and start purchasing your goods through Danagi.

Graduated prices

With graduated prices you can make the offer more attractive for your customers. As a result, they are more likely to be willing to purchase your goods in larger quantities.

Payment & shipping

At Danagi you define your own shipping and payment methods. If a customer decides to procure the goods from you, he will choose the most convenient way for him. You will receive the payment directly from your customer and ship the goods directly by yoursels.

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Your further advantages:

  • Membership without running costs
  • Increase in sales and visibility
  • Increase the relevance with your new and future customers
  • Development of new procurement sources
  • Personal advice & support

Goods new in the range?

The Danagi marketplace is perfect place for a product launch. You can also use this platform to automatically inform your customers about your new products and offers. With just a few clicks you can ensure that they visit your Danagi shop again!

Rely on concise content instead of the usual trade fair presentation

On the Danagi platform, your products and their unique selling points are presented like at a trade fair, so transform your Danagi shop, your company profile and your products into a place of experience for your customers. Your current and potential customers experience your products with your own eyes. Design the content that is interesting for your target group and do not use the product description as additional advertising space.

Do not search, let yourself be found!

The Danagi Marketplace makes it easier for your customers to search for suitable products and to plan the upcoming seasons. Thanks to the search field function, your products and all relevant information such as price, inventory and delivery time appear immediately and ready to buy in front of the customer.

Many international brands are already selling at Danagi. Regardless of your business and how big it may be, we are delighted that you want to grow with us. Find your own spot on Danagi now and start selling today!

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