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Chipzz Artisan Potato Chips - Serrano 150 g

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Chipzz Artisan Potato Chips - Classic 150 g

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face Protektor

from €1.50
€1.74 incl. 16% VAT

HoME Office Illusion

from €757.76
€879.00 incl. 16% VAT

Nord-Met Kirsche

from €2.20
€2.55 incl. 16% VAT

Nord-Met Original

from €2.20
€2.55 incl. 16% VAT

10 pcs. FFP2 / N95 Mask with certificate

from €2.29
€2.75 incl. 20% VAT
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8 reasons why you should now rely on a B2B marketplace

Manufacturers and suppliers of the entire B2B trade must be prepared for the fact that their customers will establish a lean procurement process that is reminiscent of classic B2C online shopping. The entire supply chain requires a much higher degree of flexibility than was previously known. The move away from both the isolated and uncoordinated business processes and the growing customer demands contribute to the significant change in the company. For this reason, we have prepared 8 reasons for you, why you should choose a B2B marketplace right now. Read more...

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