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Herbal lozenge mixture Herbal lozenge mixture
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Pastille cake Pastille cake
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Pastille Coffee Pastille Coffee
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Currant lozenge Currant lozenge
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Raspberry lozenge Raspberry lozenge
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Blueberry lozenge Blueberry lozenge
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Mixed fruit lozenge Mixed fruit lozenge
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Patille Fernet Patille Fernet
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Pastille Eukamenthol Pastille Eukamenthol
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Strawberry lozenge Strawberry lozenge
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Anise lozenge Anise lozenge
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Pastille Alpine Herbs Pastille Alpine Herbs
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Your procurement is important to us and that is why we tailor our B2B marketplace exactly to the needs of your company. The manufacturers and wholesalers put together a broad portfolio for successful purchasing management on Danagi. We ensure optimal implementation, optimize our usability, advise you continuously and consistently look for additional savings opportunities.

Wednesday, 02.12.2020 10:33

How do you measure success in B2B e-commerce? The 3 KPIs to watch out for!


Understanding customer behavior and data is essential for dynamic business development and increased sales in your company. After all, without a proper analysis, one cannot get a complete picture of the effectiveness of one's work.

Thursday, 12.11.2020 13:54

B2B sales


Behind every successful company there is an efficient and organized sales force that maintains personal contact with its customers. We are in a state of flux, where no one can predict what the market situation will look like after the crisis. Already 76% of sales emails are never opened. The new sales concepts, some of which are still unexplored for many, are pushing forward more and more. Did you know that 64% of sellers who use social media hit your quotas? For those who don't, the number drops to 49 percent!

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