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Packing & Shipping

Danagi - Find your supplier for all kinds of packaging and shipping materials!

At Danagi you will find packaging and shipping materials of the best quality and with various BCT values, shapes and sizes from the market leaders in the industry and beyond. Regardless of whether you only send a few parcels a week or several thousands a day - we provide you with the appropriate products of the highest quality so that you can equip your packing stations in the best possible way. Our large and extensive product range offers the right equipment for every requirement. We also provide you with a large selection of sustainable packaging, as sustainability has developed into an important criterion for both consumers and sellers. In connection with the attractive bulk prices of the respective retailer, both mail order companies, logisticians and industry are served on Danagi.

A well-stocked warehouse increases productivity

The choice of packaging and shipping materials on our marketplace is huge because if the department where you store both your goods and packaging is disorganized, your team will not be able to work effectively and productively.
So if you need packaging materials such as: cardboard boxes, mailers and envelopes, mailing and postal bags, filling material, envelopes and wallets: Take a look around here in the wholesale marketplace and be amazed at the immense selection of high-quality packaging and shipping materials. Enrich your packing station or your shelves with box staplers, dispensers, fork lift trucks, scales, transport containers, hand trucks, pallets, filling devices, work tables - or buy a ready-made packing station to begin with.
For every project, our sellers have the right product on our B2B marketplace. The topic of occupational safety is definitely not neglected with us!

This is how your procurement of packaging and shipping materials works at Danagi

Before your packaging materials run out, you should visit our marketplace in time. Browse through the range or use our filter function to find the right product for your packing station. Note the available delivery quantity, increment and delivery time, which you will find on the respective article page. Compare the products and choose your favorites.
After you have added the products you need to the shopping cart, go to the checkout where you can determine both the billing address and the delivery address. You are now faced with the choice of the method of payment and shipping offered by the respective seller. If your goods have to be in stock soon, a direct payment method such as PayPal would be an option or, alternatively, purchase on account, which is also offered by many Danagi sellers. Short delivery times (provided the product can be delivered from our sellers), such as express shipping and reliable delivery to you, mean little to no delay in delivering to your customers - after all, time is money.

Well-known manufacturers ensure the highest quality

The brands sold through Danagi include some of the most reputable shipping materials manufacturers on the market, with which they can package and ship almost any product. Manufacturers with sustainable alternatives to conventional packaging products are also waiting for you at Danagi.
It's best to browse through our wide range and let yourself be inspired by the diversity of our product range. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing certain products - we will be happy to take care of them or recommend alternatives. We are constantly striving to expand our range in order to be able to equip you perfectly for every special task. Your successful business is what drives us.

Efficient tricks for high quality packaging and shipping

Organization of the packing station

Store the best-selling products in an easily accessible area near the packing station. Make sure that the shelves are not placed too high and that they are easily accessible to everyone. An essential tip would be to put the heavy products on the floor.
For recurring orders, make sure that the products are stored side by side. The labeling of the shelves ensures that no employee wastes time searching for specific items. The less cluttered your warehouse, the better the packing and shipping process.

Suitable packaging

Before you send your shipments and parcels on their way, you should prepare the products appropriately for shipping. While some prioritize using the right size boxes for their products, we recommend focusing on around 5 packaging sizes. So that the excess space in the packaging is covered for smaller products and the products are not damaged in transit, you can fill the additional spaces with a filler material. The approx. 5 different sizes save your employees time and you your money. The reason is simple: Since these have to be procured in larger quantities, you benefit from the attractive bulk prices at Danagi.
Preferably, you should test different sized boxes and packaging to determine which will work best for your different products and items.

Clear system guidelines

It is important to have clear guidelines, so the best way to do this is to use a checklist that lists every step of the packaging and shipping process and gives each employee everything from scratch. It may be necessary to define the dimensions of the package or box to be the correct size.
In addition, information is required about which products are to be shipped in which packaging.

Paper, bubble wrap and foam film: high quality packaging materials

So that your products in the box are not damaged during transport, they must be packed in a stable and secure manner. The right filling material made of paper, bubble wrap or foam film offers the best protection for your goods. With a suitable packaging material, you ensure that the products reach your customers safely, while customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
The additional money that you spend on high-quality packaging material pays off in the long term, because if your customers are satisfied with your service, they will come back, which in turn will increase your sales.

Environmentally friendly products are PEFC ™ or FSC® certified and labeled accordingly on the packaging level.

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