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E-Commerce: B2B vs. B2C - The resemblance is striking

B2B e-commerce overshadows the B2C e-commerce market

Until recently, B2C e-commerce companies overshadowed their B2B counterparts in terms of venture capital funding, consumer interest, technology adoption, and global visibility. This happened primarily because B2B companies were slow to update their infrastructure, organizational structures, concerns about information security and their complexity.

The scenario has changed rapidly in recent years with global B2B e-commerce sales, which by the way far exceed the B2C industry. What makes the future of the industry even more exciting is that despite this exponential growth, many B2B companies are still in the early stages of their digitization.

The future of B2B sales is digital

Already 60% of those who are responsible for purchasing in the company assume surveyed that the digitization of the sales organization will be decisive for the success of their business.

In order to survive in international competition these days, manufacturers and wholesalers are rightly relying on the digitization of procurement and sales channels. Although Internet trade between companies, i.e. B2B e-commerce, has become increasingly important in recent years, many underestimate the challenges and the effort they face. According to the B2B traders surveyed, the classic channels (by telephone and in writing) will be largely replaced by B2B marketplaces in the next 5 years.

Decisive for the success of B2B marketplaces - according to 59% of those surveyed - are the attracting of new target groups, the acquisition of new customers and process optimization. The classic cold call is brought down to a minimum with a marketplace.

Keeping offers and customer interaction simple is essential for survival

Today’s B2B buyers hardly differ in behavior and approach from B2C buyers, on the contrary, what they know from their private life, they also expect in business life. In procurement and product research, they consider the same aspects that they are already familiar with, from evaluations to uncomplicated online order processing. Due to the added lack of time, B2B buyers are increasingly looking for opportunities that will make it easier to buy goods nationally and internationally.

From the point of view of purchasing, the targeted and specific search on B2B marketplaces is considered relevant

A targeted and specific search using a filter function makes work easier. The information regarding the product, price, inventory, delivery details are understandably gold value for this target group. The key reason for choosing a seller is the ability to place orders online, pay, track and, if necessary, return them. This opinion is clearly more than 1/3 of the buyers surveyed.

Meet the KPIs of B2B buyers with our Danagi B2B marketplace

Danagi’s goal is to increase efficiency in the purchasing process. It is a procurement platform where buyers can find the information they need, anytime, anywhere. It ensures a fast and uncomplicated online experience and increases productivity. With Danagi, both complex cold acquisitions and price and discount structures are a thing of the past.

4 out of 10 buyers shop at least once a week via marketplaces. Every
fifth shop online every day. - Where are you now and where will you
see your company in 5 years?

A contribution by Agnieszka Fudala
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