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Danagi B2B marketplace - the founding story

Danagi B2B marketplace - our history is based on courage, mistakes, learning and success

“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes.“- Paulo Coelho, Brida

How Danagi became an impossible task

My name is Agnieszka Fudala. Since 2011 I have worked as an e-commerce & online marketing manager, most recently in a company whose day-to-day business B2B trading is. I am an enthusiastic saleswoman who thinks from the customer and acts in an entrepreneurial manner. I am also strongly analytical, communicative and strategic. The online world is my passion, I feel good here, that’s why I learn and inform myself outside of my work. One day I was faced with the challenge of selling separated products from our range in large quantities at onece. Full of enthusiasm, I went in search of a suitable marketplace. After a short time I realized that it probably won’t be that easy. There are very few marketplaces out there and these require a subscription fee. Some even from the buyer! Before you even know whether the product is suitable for this platform, if it get’s found by potential customers or ever sold, you have to pay in advance. That irritated me. Why should I pay before I knew the service would be useful to me? My first thought: “I definitely don’t know that from B2C, I would never do it that way.” I continued to search and still found nothing suitable. It became clear to me, that without paying in advance it won’t work. And then the thought came: “Why don’t I just build the solution I’m looking for and offer it to customers?”

A successful company needs a great team

Since I lacked a few technical skills to build the solution, I asked an external business partner for support. He has always been concerned with application development and he is excellent in what he does. - And because he thought my idea was great, we decided to join forces and get Danagi on the way together. After I worked the concept out, I made my way to him and introduced it to him. He read it through and was thrilled. In a few places he has ideas on how things could be done better. Shortly afterwards, I became the job for developing our platform. While he was developing, I devoted myself to organizational tasks.

Solid technology takes time and preparation, not a crisis

The development of the Danagi marketplace started in the 3rd quarter of 2019. Realistically speaking, it would take about a year for us to launch the platform alongside our actual activities. The market place changed a little every day. There were things that we started but that were replaced by others and all so that our customers feel like they are in their own living room. Everything seemed to be perfect, we were doing it better every day. All organizational issues were resolved. The question of credit also seemed to be almost over. And then, just when you least expect it, the crisis comes. It suddenly becomes quiet. Nothing moves anymore. You can’t leave the house. The shops are closed. Companies are heading for bankruptcy. Workers are dismissed, others are given forced leave, after which temporary work awaits them. All because the long-established company, where you had a secure job and wanted to work there until retirement, suddenly loses ground under it’s feet … While I was still waiting for the company to go through, some companies had no choice a wave of dismissals. Every day I read reports from companies that no longer get goods because the manufacturers are abroad. On the other hand, there were other manufacturers who could not get rid of similar products from the warehouse because their regular customers were forced to close them temporarily.

I wanted to do something that connects business people, but how?

We are still at the very beginning, but we want to save jobs, we want to help save the economy and jobs! Our Danagi platform, which was already around 70% in early April 2020, went online immediately. It went online 3 months earlier than planned. There are still many issues that we are working on at full speed every day. We are currently trying to reach as many small and large companies as possible, in all ways. We are not interested in making a profit from the current situation. For this reason, we offer our Danagi marketplace free of commission in the first months (until September 30th). Everyone can register at any time and upload their products free of charge, we take over the marketing of the platform. At the same time, we are working flat out to be able to offer our customers what they know from the B2C area. Because of the Coronavirus, we try to make our online sales step as easy as possible for our customers, so that they are just as effective or even more effective than the sales force they have preferred so far. We help to find better and alternative ways to be more effective and efficient in the long term when selling on the Internet. We work on our platform every day. Make them better and more relevant. Keep it up to date and all that to optimize our customers’ needs, processes, product presentation and working hours. Our advantage over our competitors is that we are completely independent and do not charge any subscription fees. We can act and act freely at any time if we see a need for action. At the same time, we offer our customers real added value, because we offer what we believe in. Over the course of a few months, our Danagi marketplace has become our way of life, and we are heartily involved in it.

A contribution by Agnieszka Fudala
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