HoME Office Illusion

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  • foldalble
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  • stylish
  • minimalistic

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Minimalist design for maximum benefit.
“Simplicity”, throwing unnecessary ballast overboard:

This is what the hoME Office Illusion product series stands for.

With ME ON and ME OFF, I am the focus as a user.

For me and my well-being - that’s what the products in this series are designed for.

My home, my retreat and family center

  • that’s how I want to live -

My office, communicate with the world, be connected

  • that’s how I want to work -

The hoME Office Illusion series perfectly combines these two worlds.

The aesthetically designed piece of furniture, which is reduced and unobtrusive like a flat screen, can immediately be transformed into a modern office. And it blends harmoniously into your individual style of living.

The term furniture (Latin mobilis: movable) thus takes on a completely new and contemporary meaning.

With hoME Office Illusion you can develop your work-life balance - in every room of your home.

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