Chipzz Artisan Potato Chips - Classic 150 g

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Basic informations

GTIN 4260541781035
model CHIPZZCL150G
Manufacturer TAPAS MARKT
Processing time 1 days
This article has an expiration date.
RRP €2.59

Article description

Very thin, gold-yellow and incomparably crispy. Traditional Spanish Potato Chips "Classic" finely salted - with the unadulterated taste of Mediterranean cuisine. 

The special roasting process makes these kettle chips a unique taste experience. Only the best potatoes of the Spanish plateau Castilla y Leon are selected locally by our contract farmers - always fresh throughout the year. The potatoes are only cleaned with clear water before they are peeled, cut and sorted out by hand, in the large cauldrons, where they are roasted golden yellow.

Especially fine and crispy, with the genuine taste of the Mediterranean cuisine, our precious chips are a special taste experience! The "Craft Quality Certificate" guarantees the highest quality!

The chips can be transferred to the paper bag after opening, making the experience perfect and easy!

Article dimensions

Length 12 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 16 cm
Weight 150 g

Packaging dimensions

Length 60 m
Width 28 m
Height 27 m
Weight 2.4 kg
Sales and shipping through: Tapas Markt
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